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Peace is the road - Craig Sinclair
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The Sickle - Craig Sinclair
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Free music samples from the 2009 'Peace is the Road' EP

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Albums & Recordings

Stones Beneath the Surface (2005) - debut album featuring a mix of solo and band tracks

'Big Sky' (2020), played on a custom built Ellis guitar, video recorded Central Coast New South Wales

Barefoot Ballads (2007) - a live acoustic recording at the Kidogo Arthouse in Fremantle

*Hard Copies out of print*

Tram 34 (2011) - an EP recorded with 'the Pepperjacks' (Rod Vervest, Lara Norman and Bob Lipinski)

Out in the Air (2012) - original songs and tunes recorded in collaboration with Jude Iddison (violin, vocals)

Peace is the Road EP front cover.jpg

Peace is the Road (2009) - solo acoustic EP

Way Back When (2014) - full length album recorded with the Pepperjacks (Rod Vervest, Lara Norman and Bob Lipinski)

Is this goodbye cover.jpg

Is This Goodbye? (2019) - full band studio recording featuring Jude Iddison, Lara Norman, Margaret Williams, Bob Lipinski and more

Front Cover.png

Peddling Rag (2024) - acoustic ragtime and folk-blues duets and story songs featuring Rod Vervest

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